Meeting rooms

If you are looking for professional environment for your meetings with business partners, for interviews, presentation of your company or products and/or professional environment for seminars, press conferences or workshops do not forget about the possibility to lease the top meeting rooms of premium virtual office. The meeting rooms are equipped by an Internet connection, phone lines, presentation boards, fax, computer with presentation equipment with different capacities depending on the tables lay out.

What premises do we offer?

Lecturing room
The room with the capacity of up to 20 persons, suitable for big business meetings, trainings, courses, etc.
The lease price includes complete room equipment - WIFI Internet, projection equipment (data projector, screen, acoustics), flipchart, phone.

Meeting room
Our meeting room with the capacity of up to 12 persons is a suitable solution for your business meetings, consultations and sessions.
The lease price includes complete room equipment - WIFI Internet, projection equipment (107cm LCD TV), flipchart, phone.

This room with the capacity of up to 4 persons is the most suitable for the meetings with clients, business interviews or informal meetings in a pleasant environment.
The lease price includes the WIFI Internet connection.

The room with the capacity of up to 3 persons is suitable for discrete forms of meetings with your client or ordinary working out of administrative duties.
The lease price includes complete office equipment - WIFI Internet, flipchart, phone, fax, printer.

We lease the premises for favourable prices for periods from one hour; of course, we also offer secretarial and assistant services, catering and/or stylish decoration. Our objective is to create optimum conditions for your meetings and fulfil your ideas in every single detail. Now, there is really no reason for arranging business sessions or meetings in restaurants and hotels.

Would you like to obtain more information? Do not hesitate to contact us.

Virtuálna kancelária:
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